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Life & Disability
We offer a variety of products to help protect the most important person - YOU.  A personal face to face assessment including a comprehensive insurance review is conducted to protect you and your business in the event something was to happen to you or a key person in your operation.

- No Exam
- No MVR
- 4 Questions Application
- Return of Premium


- Personal
- Key Man Insurance
- Buy Sell Agreement
- Executive Bonus Plan


- Individual
- Business Continuation
- Buy Sell Agreement

Long Term Care

- Long Term Care
- Short Term Care

Cancer Policy

Accident Policy

Life Insurance

Term Life:

- Provides coverage for specific periods of time, including a 30-year mortgage, or raising children.

- Can be purchased at a fixed premium rate for various term lengths (5, 10, 20 or even 30 years) avoiding potentially huge annual premium increases.

- When the term ends, so does the insurance coverage. Term Life Insurance pays only if you die within the term.

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Permanent, Whole Life or Cash Value Life:

Often used if you have significant assets, to ensure that estate taxes are covered, should you want to support a surviving partner’s retirement funds, or if you want to be sure to have enough money to pay for your funeral expenses. Permanent life insurance will pay when you die, no matter your age.

Based on a client paying higher rates (making overpayments) in the early years, and comparatively lower rates later on, when health, age and mortality rates would call for much higher rates.

Over-payment made in the early years is set aside, and can be accessed by the client. By law, the insured is entitled to a refund of the over-payment when the policy is canceled, hence the term “Cash Value”.
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